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Rely on Karen Bradley of Transformative Education Partners, LLC, when you need transformative education for your academic institution. She offers consulting services aimed to provide quality parent education and school support.

Three Hands On Top of Each Other

In-Depth Line of Work

Karen specializes in collaborative projects, grant writing and program implementation. She also is a Montessori education consultant who provides comprehensive development seminars about Montessori pedagogy and practice. These seminars aim to improve classroom management. She is also a parent education trainer who practices the following:

• Teaching Parenting Strategies and Teacher Effectiveness 
• Guiding Adaptive Curriculum Applications
• Supporting Classroom Design and Material Layout
• Providing In-Home Assessments
• Helping to Create Developmentally Responsive Learning and Play Spaces
• Supporting Individualized Learning Plans
• Guiding and Coaching Parents to Identify Child-Specific Educational Goals


Metamorphic Transformation Starts Today

Enhance the development of vital and responsive learning environments through the help of Karen Bradley. She considers all members of the learning community valuable and significant, and lets participants feel that they matter. Through her consulting service, she unites individuals in building diverse communities. The sense of inclusivity within a group of members will result in an environment that feels safe for everyone. This will also create a positive ripple effect. It will have its impact on the retention of academic faculty members and students, as well as revenue streams.